Our treatments

Treating the body with massage is an ancient tradition that still lives on today.


We treat you with calm movements over the whole body.

Studies show that massage is an effective treatment method for treating pain as well as for relaxation. Thai massage is a combination of yoga, stretch and acupressure and works with the body’s energy lines, while oil massage is a more relaxing form of massage, where odorless oils or aromatic oils are used. We treat you with calm movements over the whole body. More focus on muscle kneading and relaxation.

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We have different kind of payment that suit you. You can pay online by your card or we send an invoice to you. Also, you can pay after treatment at our salong.

De-stree & relax

Activate the happy hormones for the body to feel more relaxed &achieve harmony of mind.

Office syndrome

Feeling sore at your desk? Office syndrome massage is the remedy.

Gift cards

Give away a memorable experience.
Experience Thai massage as it should be with competent staff who delivers top treatment with many years of experience in the trade. Maybe you or someone you know needs help treating pain or why not cure stress with the help of oil massage. Whatever you decide? So we can guarantee that it will be a much appreciated gift.

Unwind your body and mind.
Treat yourself to a relaxing moment with a classic massage.

With us you can get a Thai massage. Let us take care of you for a while. We offer treatments from head to toe. Welcome!