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About us

Indulge in a unique experience at Ayurvedic Nuad Thai in Malmö. Our spa combines expertise and well known oriental service mindedness to deliver a unique experience for every guest. Our highly trained spa therapist listens to your specific request and concerns to provide a level of tailor made service that is unequalled. All our therapists are passionate and highly qualified. We only use the highest quality organic products in our treatment. Ayurvedic Nuad Thai is a space in Malmö were you can escape the busy life and seek relaxation or rehabilitation. This includes a service based o maximum convenience for customers, free parking at Mobilia, Offering long hours and service with a unique holistic atmosphere. Ayurvedic Nuad Thai is run by a team of health professionals. Our therapists will be able to advise on massage therapy treatments to help with stress relief, pain relief, rehabilitation, sport injury, help you to maintain your peak performance and to enhance your well being. Our Goal is to make massage therapy incorporated into people’s lifestyle and help clients with stress & pain.

Book your treatment today in our treatment rooms at Mobilia by homepage booking or phone call. From the moment you make your appointment, each step of your time with us will be individually designed for your needs.

Welcome to Ayurvedic Nuad Thai on the second floor at Centrumhuset!

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Our Treatments

Ayurvedic Nuad Thai Signature
1.Thai warrior
2.Pha Khao Maa massage (Loincloth massage)
3.Thai yoga
4.Thai Herbal balls massage
5.Ayurvedic Indian head massage

Ayurvedic Nuad Thai-Special therapy
1.Organic facial
2.Oriental massage
3.Lymphatic Drainage
5.Hot stone massage
6.Hawaiian Lomi-Lomi
7. Natural touch

Ayurvedic Nuad Thai- Advanced therapy
1.Cupping therapy
2.Office syndrome-Remedial
3.Sport massage
4. Back neck & shoulders with Hot stone
5. Back neck & shoulders with Hot herbal balls

Ayurvedic Nuad Thai- classical therapy
1.Swedish massage
2.Prenatal massage
3.Foot Reflexology
4.Romantic couples Indulgence

Back wax
Full legs wax
Bikini wax
Brazilian wax
Boyzilian wax


Treating the body with massage is an ancient tradition that still lives on today.
Studies show that massage is an effective treatment method for treating pain as well as for relaxation. Thai massage is a combination of yoga, stretch and acupressure and works with the body’s energy lines, while oil massage is a more relaxing form of massage, where odorless oils or aromatic oils are used. We treat you with calm movements over the whole body. More focus on muscle kneading and relaxation.

Unwind your body and mind.
Treat yourself to a relaxing moment with a classic massage

With us you can get a Thai massage. Let us take care of you for a while. We offer treatments from head to toe. Welcome!