Ayurvedic Nuad Thai

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Ayurvedic Nuad Thai- classical therapy

Swedish massage

Work to relax tired and aching muscles while encouraging blood flow. As the therapist works on the muscles to relax, this allows the system to flush out the metabolic waste from the muscle and loosing up muscles to prepared for strenuous exercise.

Prenatal massage

A natural healing method when the body is working double time. An hour- long massage can reduce back and joints pain, balance hormone level, lower stress and anxiety as well as increase energy.

Foot Reflexology

Reflex areas on the feet are connected energetically to specific organs and body parts. The pressure applied to remove energy blockage and promote health in the related body areas.

Romantic couples Indulgence

Enjoy precious time together. Embrace this defining body treatment in a romantic setting with your loved one with the aromas of pure essential oils. And indulge in a restoring & calming aromatherapy massage and sound of Tibetan singing bowls to harmonize and allow deep relaxation for both of you to connect your energy and become one.

Unwind your body and mind.
Treat yourself to a relaxing moment with a classic massage

With us you can get a Thai massage. Let us take care of you for a while. We offer treatments from head to toe. Welcome!